SMP Vodohospodářské stavby

We deliver modern, highly efficient solutions for potable water supplies and sewage treatment. Everything we do, we do with the utmost respect for the environment.


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Our company has been at the forefront of construction in the water management sector in the Czech Republic for 70 years. We specialise in complete deliveries of sewage treatment plants, potable water treatment plants and water mains and sewage systems. Our scope also includes water management structure works, reconstructions of waterway locks, the building of flood protection measures and watercourse modifications.

As we care deeply about nature, we emphasise biological approaches in wastewater treatment. Being firm believers in renewable sources of energy, we have several small hydroelectric power plants. Dedicated specialists in our midst keep properties safe during flood events. We reconstruct water management structures, repair sluices and modify watercourses. Water is quite simply our passion.