Our services

Sewage treatment plants

We specialise in treating municipal wastewater. In doing so, we emphasise biological forms of treatment and include in our processes the management of the sewage sludge produced. However, our activities extend even further. We reconstruct anaerobic digestion tanks including the associated technology, build new, and extend existing, sewage treatment plants and implement measures based on modern technologies that increase the efficacy of wastewater treatment.

Water management structures

Another area of our activity encompasses the diverse field of structures built on watercourses. Our company builds small hydroelectric power plants, locks, flood protection installations in built-up areas, quays and docks, dry dams and other structures. We also reconstruct water management structures, including, for example, weirs, and repair dams. Our notable past projects include, for instance, the reconstruction of the Nechranice dam, and the completion of the ambitious project to make the Vltava River navigable for small boats along most of its length.

Linear structures of water management infrastructure – water mains and sewerage

Our company builds new, and reconstructs existing, structures of the country’s water management infrastructure. The infrastructure fulfils the vital role of ensuring supplies of potable and utility water and the removal of wastewater. We build water mains and sewers, and we also carry out some reconstructions.

Potable water supplies and accumulation – potable water reservoirs

We also focus on implementing modern technologies that increase the level of separation and with it the efficacy of organic pollutant removal during potable water treatment. Our activities include supplementation of existing water treatment plants with dissolved air flotation technology, the modernisation of sludge management processes and reconstructions of filtration systems, water reservoirs and potable water pumping stations. We also carry out specialised restoration works on potable water accumulation structures included in water distribution systems.